VANCE HINES 4" DAYTONA 400 SLIP-ON 95-16 Touring

679,00 €
499,90 / paria

Toimituskulut vain 2,90€ tai 7.50€ riippuen paketin koosta. 99€ ja suuremmat tilaukset ilman postikuluja!


VANCE HINES äänenvaimentajat kiinnikkeineen ja tarvikkeineen.

Sopii alkuperäisten ja tarvike alkukäyrien kanssa.

Some like 'm big but without becoming bulky.

For those the Daytona are a welcome pair of serious 4" diameter mufflers, finished with stylish sleek billet tapered end-caps.

Looks, show and go all combined in a lusterous chrome finish.

Multi-purpose perfection for a run to where you've never been, or just a local boulevard cruise.

For whatever intention, the sound is a nice with a deep highway hum changing to an aggressive growl when you drop the hammer.

Compatible with standard or extended bags.

Sopii:  Harley-Davidson 95-16 Touring

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