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Harley-Davidson 21-23 Softail

Harley-Davidson 21-23 Touring

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(With 8-pin Molex connector)

Fits H-D models with a 8-pin Molex diagnostics plug.

This is a flash-tuning & diagnostics tool with multiple applications. Adjust fuel injection / ignition settings and read & delete trouble codes of your stock Delphi ECU.

The Power Vision is connected to the ECM / ECU diagnostic port. Compatible with XP, Vista, Windows 7 & 10.

This fuel tuner updates the tables directly within the ECU to change the air/fuel ratio and get you more power, speed or fuel-efficiency.

This device can hold multiple tunes at once for each of your favorite modifications and can either be taken off the bike, after flashing the custom tune, or left on to be used as an extra instrument panel to track how you ride.

Custom Dynojet engineered tunes (fuel maps) can be downloaded from the Dynojet website.

The unique auto-tune capability can monitor the way you ride and create a custom tune suited just for your riding style.

Tunes can always be edited to suite your preference and bike.

The custom tune is flashed to the stock ECM / ECU.

The stock tunes in the bikes ECU can be saved on the Power Vision.

Note: Once a Power Vision is used on a bike it is 'mated' to that specific ECU.

You can use the same Power Vision module to tune another bike, but an extra 'Tune License' (available as 937990 each or 937991 5-pack) will be required for each additional bike.

A great option for dealers or others to tune multiple bikes without having to purchase additional Power Vision modules.

EXPLORE THE POSSIBILITIES Power Vision is the most powerful and quickest flash tuning device for Harley-Davidson® motorcycles in the market today.

It is a performance tuner and data monitor that offers the latest flash tuning technology, data logging, and other industry exclusive features.

The Power Vision can tune any fuel injected Harley-Davidson® motorcycle with the 2021 Delphi ECM.

The Power Vision Product Suite includes a full color touch screen flash device, built in AutoTune Basic Mode*, vehicle interface cable, and WinPV (Windows PC based tuning application).

- 3.5 24bit color TFT (touch screen) display with touch panel (16,777,216 colors).

- Compact: 2.83"L X 3.97"W X .84"H.

- Weather, shock, and vibration resistant enclosure

- fully potted with silicone elastomer, and utilizes over molded cables with sealed cable connections.

- Integrated AMPS 4 hole threaded inserts for various mounting solutions (Dynojet recommends TechMounts).

- USB mini-B weatherized- compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 10.

- Molex 8 pin connector-to-vehicle interface cable.

- Dynojet CAN-Link Expansion Port allows interfacing with other Dynojet products, such as the Wide Band 2 or AutoTune Module.

- 2GB of internal memory provides a robust capacity for tune files and data logs. FEATURES

- Unique autotune capability that creates a custom tune just for your riding style.

- The easy-to-read high-contrast screen gives you full control over how you tune your ride.

- Ability to flash your motorcycle from the road, whenever you want.

- Quickly build your own tune or choose from a wide variety of trusted Dynojet-engineered tunes.

- Comes with Power Core software that connects dyno runs with our EFI Tuning Device to unlock your ride’s potential.

- Can be mounted and used as a live diagnostic panel as you ride.

- Weather-resistant and shock-resistant.

- Unlimited tech support.

- Proudly made in the USA.

NOTE: Restoring the stock file does NOT unlock the Power Vision from the vehicle.

An unlock or tune license will be required to tune a different vehicle AUTOTUNING FEATURES Our Power Vision for Harley Davidson is truly a unique version of this device.

Not only is it a powerful EFI tuner but it also can monitor your rides and create a custom tune based on that data.

Then all you need to do is flash the new tune, and you’re back on the road.

Harley-Davidson models with stock Narrowband O2 sensors that can utilize the built-in Autotune Basic feature:

- 2021+ Softail Models.

- 2021+ Touring Models.

EASY TO USE With a simple Molex 8-pin connector and a full-color display, the Power Vision is easy to use for any experience level of tuner.

The device can be connected via mini-USB to most Windows computers to use with our PowerCore Software.

It also includes an expansion port to link to other Dynojet upgrades like our AutoTune and Wide Band 2 devices.

TUNES A growing series of custom tunes is available for download at the Dynojet website.

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